Elite Equipe is all about "New Business", helping B2B sales teams drive it - whether direct, through partners and channels or making lead generation team approaches more efficient and effective, shaping your success.

shaping success


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What are your challenges to growth in sales?

What are your challenges to growth in sales?

Do you believe your sales team could perform more optimally?

Are your partnerships in need of a refresh and a general steer in the right direction?

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Would your Leadership team or Board benefit from external insight, delivering you expert sales leadership and partnering guidance?

Our Purpose

THE MISSION for Elite Equipe is to shape your success by providing practical & constructive change management for sales organisations using hands-on mentoring.

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    Using practical partnership approaches and methods to deliver incremental & repeatable business.

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    Through improving operational efficiency of the sales organisation.

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    Helping to increase the productivity of the lead generation process and hence increase leads and revenue.


We would be delighted to discuss how we may help you so please give us a call or drop us a line - contact us

  • Partnering excellence
  • Shaping your sales success
  • Accelerating business growth

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Efficient lead generation & Pipeline Development for New Business

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What we do and how we help you

You can engage us in spot consultations, in short-term projects or for regular sales leadership advice and guidance.

Readiness to Partner

What do you need in place to Partner Effectively?


Where you are today compared to where you need/want to be?

Partnership Approach

Who to partner with?

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Guidance on Partner Programs, Partner Operations, Assessing your partners, and executing successfully in the field.

Sales Team Assessment

Whether its for improving Focus, Accuracy, Efficiency, Accountability or Performance.

Expert Advice on Sales operations and reporting

What metrics suit my business and drive better results.

Executive support on how to get the best from your sales team

What can effective and best practice sales management look like for my business?

Lead Generation Approaches

Lead flow through marketing - lead generation - sales - opportunity closure; How do I build the quality of my leads and develop higher acceptance rates?

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When sales results and performance are unacceptable, need to be significantly better, or your business is going to through change;

How can you secure the required major "step up" in performance?

Elite Equipe combines the above services and approaches to deliver sales organisation turnaround, whilst taking a positive, realistic approach.

Moira Edwards


Teaming is a huge part of this, whether internally within a business or between businesses. My experience is with small and large, UK-based and international teams across direct sales, channel sales, inside sales and lead generation. There have been great successes and there have been challenges and difficult moments. My practical experience in the field means that I can help your business in a "real world" way, having faced many of these challenges already in my sales leadership career.

I chose the name Elite Equipe as "Equipe" is French for "Team".


Shaping Success is our mantra and I look forward to discussing how we can help to shape your team's success, building and advancing your Elite Team!


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